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The singular mission for the Rinaldi Group LLC is to be a difference-maker for families in the community. Its our promise to always lead with listening, focus and understanding of our client’s goals by structuring a strategic plan based on those goals.

The mortgage industry can be complex and the stakes are high, the Rinaldi Group is dedicated to providing clarity through transparency and expertise. From the first contact to post-settlement, our clients can expect our team to prioritize their goals and deliver the results that wow! Rinaldi Group LLC is where mortgages are made easy.


Rinaldi Group LLC

Rinaldi Group LLC was established in October of 2020 to disrupt the industry by bringing together an experienced Loan officer, Stephen Rinaldi, with the best technology and the best lending relationships that the marketplace has to offer. From day one, Rinaldi Group focused its vision on the consumer experience and making the process EASY. As a mortgage broker, Stephen and his team collect information, ask key questions, and focus on responses that guide the strategic plan. Once information is collected, the Rinaldi Group LLC chooses the lender that will deliver the best outcome. Throughout the process, our clients should expect nothing short of immediate response from Stephen and his team.

About Amy Walton

Our clients quickly see that we are not content to let their “home-dreams” simply be “nice to have”!

We are the “dream-catcher” for our clients; We take action every day to help them achieve their dreams.

 We describe our clients as wonderfully diverse, working in industries ranging from engineering to firefighting, from education and medicine to retail sales.

 Amy has a master’s degree from Villanova in Theatre Arts and prior to becoming a real estate agent was in the interior design field. One of her many loves is the theatre and is a volunteer at Delaware’s own Chapel Street Players.

 Don is an entrepreneur with firm roots in Delaware. A former owner of 3 businesses in Delaware and currently, Founder of Plate at 8, a television program in the works and coming to a television near you. Together, Don and Amy are home chefs in their free time and are avid gardeners.

 Our business is built on dedication, communication, determination, and trust.

 There are no problems, just solutions!

 We serve both Delaware and Pennsylvania

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